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The Perućac Lake still flooded by garbage

The Perućac Lake above Srebrenica is still filled with garbage. Waste comes from the Drina River, and for months now nothing has been done to prevent this ecological disaster.

The HE Višegrad invests 400 000 KM to remove the garbage from the lake

In the course of one year, the partition section of HE Višegrad receives around 60 000 cubic meters of solid waste material, floating by Drina River and its tributaries. The fishermen are resentful at the lack of human care for preserving the pristine clarity of Drina. Every year they organize a series of actions whereby they engage in cleaning its coast.

Transporting the waste to the landfill stops

The long-term request of Gaj settlement residents in Bugojno to relocate the landfill near their homes to another area will be partially satisfied by putting it out of use.

The citizens from Vratnik in fear of contagion

The citizens from the Old Town Bakija sokak street, Vratnik, have been complaining for months now since the operatives from the Cantonal public utility company “Rad” have not been deporting garbage on a regular basis.

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