Refinery in Bosanski Brod rejects pollution accusations coming from Croatia

The Management of Oil Refinery in Bosanski Brod denies the accusation of air in Croatia being polluted by acitvity of the refinery plant. And while one side claim breathing polluted air coming from Bosnia, others believe the whole story to be the construct of different oil lobbies.

Increased soil pollution in the area of Zenica

Content of lead, zinc and nickel in all samples, and cadmium in the majority of the samples is higher than the allowed value.

Lukavac being covered by a few dozen tons of dust every day

The citizens of Lukavac have been complaining for quite a while on filter dust omission coming from Fabrika sode. In spite of a number of warnings and appeals, no one in charge has done a thing to stop this terror over citizens.

"Lukavac is an eco bomb"

"We take the full responsibility for the thick black fume that covered Lukavac yesterday afternoon", said Nihad Akeljić, the executive director for the enviroment in the Turkish fim Soda Lukavac, the major owner of Fabrika Sode.


The health of Jajce citizens jeopardized due to air pollution

On the 60. session of the Academic club from Jajce, the executive director of the environmental movement from Jajce, prim dr Goran Franjic, introduced the motion of Local Environmental Action Program (LEAP) for the municipality of Jajce. This document will be submitted for public hearing after which it will be delivered to the Municipal council for adoption.

The Tetovo residents won't give up the charges

The municipal authorities of Tetovo expressed their gratitude to NGOs and political subjects who publicly supported their intention to press charges against ArcelorMittal in Zenica.

Pravilnik o graničnim vrijednostima kvaliteta zraka

Ovim pravilnikom uređuju se granične vrijednosti kvaliteta zraka i ciljne vrijednosti kvaliteta zraka kao indikatori planiranja kvaliteta zraka u prostoru, te pragovi upozorenja i pragovi/granice uzbune za pravovremeno djelovanje u slučaju kratkotrajnih pojava nedozvoljeno zagađenog zraka.

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